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Co-created with Children and Youths

Designed with a youth-first approach, VIVIBOOM's web portal and mobile app are designed from the ground up with extensive consultation and user testing involving children and youth. This ensures our platform is on-trend, engaging and inculcates important values of collaboration, sharing and self-directed learning in our Creators.

User Features

Empower Your Creators

Explore, Learn Creative Skills and Earn Badges

Learn new skills and values by earning badges covering multidisciplinary areas ranging from technology, craft, media, art and design.

Cross Platform Project Portfolio System

Easily upload project photos, videos and files to your Creators' portfolio across multiple platforms. Currently supporting Windows, Mac, tablets, Android and iPhone

Explore, Share & Collaborate Safely

Creators within a school / center can browse, share and collaborate on projects in a safe environment where everyone's identity is verified.
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Admin Features

An Integrated Platform Supporting Your School’s Innovation Journey


GDPR & PDPA Compliant. Servers in Singapore.

Strict data access and privacy that complies with GDPR and PDPA's policies

Custom Badge Management

Create your own custom badges including instructions, category, time required and difficulty level

Badge & Project Approval

Vet every project before a badge is awarded. The admin may also award badges without a project submission. Your choice!

Events Management Module

Manage workshop and event registrations and attendance. Includes automated emails and acceptance control, E.g: First come first serve or selection by admin.

Student & Staff Management Module

Role-based access control with ability to manage accounts including changing of passwords

Public Portfolio Pages

Easily create public portfolio web pages of selected student projects. Great for showcasing student works to external parties like parents and department heads
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Who Are We?

Built by VIVITA Singapore's Tech Innovation Lab

Founded in 2018, VIVITA Singapore Pte. Ltd. has over 5 years of experience nurturing Creators at their VIVISTOP makerspace in Orchard, then later at various community and school workshops nationwide. VIVIBOOM was built as a digital tool to supercharge the learning experience and engagement levels of children and youths of its various initiatives.

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